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We carry quality, name brand products suited for virtually any type of solar installation. From individual parts to complete systems, we are proud to be a one-stop source for all your photovoltaic needs. Whether you are looking for modules, inverters, racking systems, or simply accessory parts, no job is too small or too big for TS Solar International.

TS Solar International has rigorous performance criteria and testing standards for all the products we carry. If we don’t carry the product you are looking for, chances are we have something better!


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Owning vs. Leasing your Solar Panel System

When you purchase a TS Solar Power System, your monthly energy costs are significant and may result in a montly improvement in your energy costs as soon as your installtion is complete, and you have switched to Solar.

The savings on your monthly energy costs will pay for the system in a short period of time (typically in 4 - 7 years for the average residential customer, even sooner for busineses and churches.) From then on, the energy produced by your system is yours and completely free!

No more worrying about the rising cost of electricity. You will permanently control and fix your cost of electricity!

No end of term solar energy equipment purchase option and decision to buy new solar equipment or enter into another long-term lease.

Purchased (not leased) solar power systems add value to your home. According to the Appraisal Institute, the selling price of a home increases $20.73 for every $1 decrease in annual electric bills.

Solar power systems make your home or commercial building more marketable. When you purchase your solar system, you will be able to show a potential buyer that your monthly electric bill is completely eliminated or almost eliminated.

With a solar panel lease you are simply replacing your electric utility company with the company who owns your solar lease.

Most solar companies offer leases that require a 15 year commitment, at least. During that time, you rent the solar energy equipment and pay the lessor rental for the equipment. The rental typically ends up being only $30-40 less per month than your current electric utility cost! Solar leases have annual rental increases, just like utility companies, so your savings will never have the chance to increase. If you purchase the solar energy equipment your monthly savings on the cost of electricity will pay for the equipment, typically between years 4–7. From that point on, your cost of electricity is free!

You will assign your federal tax credit and utility rebate to someone else (the lessor).At the end of the lease you must pay the fair market value of the solar energy equipment, or you must return the equipment to the leasing company. Usually, the tax credit that has been assigned to the lessor becomes invalid. You must then either obtain energy from the local utility at the market rate (which often ends up being higher than the utility rates that increase at a rate of about 6.7% per year) or you will have to re-enter into another lease/or purchase a new system forfeiting the savings of the solar rebate and tax incentives offered today, (which will have most likely expired).

Under a lease, when you sell your home, or commercial building, you are obligating the new buyer to the terms of your solar lease for the duration of the lease. You are also obligating them to make the end of lease decisions described above providing them with significant uncertainty about their future cost of electricity. This may be very tough terms for any buyer, and makes your home or commercial building less desirable because of the solar system lease terms that provide very little savings at all! Choosing to own your TS Solar Panel System, can prove to be a much better choice for your residence, commercial building, or church.

TS Solar Partners ProjectsSession Solar, SolarMarkt and Wurth Solar have developed over 550 MW of solar projects in Europe and the United States.