It’s 2014, a brand new year. Is there anything about the economy that you are excited about?
The word for 2014 is be thankful and use what little you have. We believe the economy as a whole will have challenges.  The real estate market is very exciting. We are also excited about the municipal bond markets. We believe it is a great time to invest in Solar and other renewable energy sources. Many governmental grants are available. We are also very excited about investing in Gold.
2013 was a hard year financially for many, what changes for the country do you see for 2014?
For all of you entrepreneurs, we believe there is so much opportunity for business growth and for business startup. There are a lot of business rebates and grants out there for you. Individuals who are interested in employing others will now have the opportunity to do so. On an individual level, there are huge tax savings available via defined benefit plans.  It is a great opportunity to look to serve a need.  Individuals have many needs, if you can focus on serving a need I believe you will be blessed in this current economy.

Speaking of taxes, when I think of the New Year, I think of the beginning of tax season. Are there any changes that we should know about?
In 2013, we noticed the Making Work Pay tax credit is not available. However, many programs still are available. The first Time Home buyer credit is still available. There are still many education credits available. Alternative energy credits are also still available. Health insurance and other medical expenses are still eligible for deductions.  I have noticed many incentives for Health Insurance,  we recommend high deductible Health Savings Plans.  We believe it will be good to pray to the Lord to keep you healthy and hopefully use the health savings account if possible as a possible savings tool if your employer will allow it.

What about opportunities for home owners, any new deductions there?
No new deductions there, but it is rather interesting to see that the First Time Homebuyer program is still available. Federal and state grants and rebates are still available for solar purchases. Also many tax payers who are business owners should know they are eligible to receive a tax credit for the use of their home. Real Estate is still at an all time low and mortgage interest are also very low. These are two positive factors to become a home owner. We are also excited about the opportunity to purchase investment or rental properties.

In conclusion, is there anything you’d like to add?
Be optimistic, expand, be excited, be prepared, and be organized. 2014 will be a great year!  Remember if you are thankful for the 5 loaves and 2 fish,  The Lord can multiply it and allow you to do great things with it.

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